Gray Almendro Vanity Set

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  • Gray Almendro Vanity Set

    Bath Tray

    Size: 11"L X 6.8"W X 1.5"H
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    $ 109.00

  • $ 109.00

  • Gray Almendro Vanity Set

    Boutique Tissue Box Cover

    Size: 5.9"L X 5.9"W X 6"H
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    $ 200.00

  • $ 200.00

  • Gray Almendro Vanity Set

    Soap Dispenser

    Size: 2.8" X 2.8" X 7.75"
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    $ 188.00

  • $ 188.00

  • Gray Almendro Vanity Set


    Size: 8.7" X 8.7" X 11"
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    $ 336.00

  • $ 336.00


Product Details:

Handcrafted from natural bone and wood, our one-of-a-kind Gray Almendro

The Gray Almendro Vanity Set by LaDorada is a luxurious addition to any boudoir. Handcrafted of wood and intricately inlayed cow bone, this vanity tray offers a breathtaking blend of style and craftsmanship. Its almond shape and vibrant ink blue backdrop are complemented by a high-gloss lacquer finish, giving this set a sophisticated and exclusive look.

Made in: Colombia

By: Ladorada

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