Linen Care

Caring For Your Investment

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For your fine bed linens, bath towels and table linens machine wash in cold (not hot) water on gentle cycle. Use a mild detergent such as Laundry Care.  Never pour detergent or soap directly on your textiles. Either pour it in when the tub is full or dilute it. If the second step of whitening is important to you, never use chlorine bleach, stain removers or detergents with lighteners tend to yellow the fabric and will reduce the strength of your bed linens. Use instead oxygenated bleach. Avoid the use of fabric softeners. These only coat the fibers and make them "appear" to be soft. One cup of white vinegar in the rinse water removes all traces of soap and leaves fabrics smelling fresh.


Line drying in the sun is best, yet impractical in many instances. When machine drying - watch the time! Over drying will result in broken fibers and threads. Tumble dry on low heat setting until slightly damp. Remove immediately and press smooth with warm iron.


For best results, ironing is recommended when the fabric is still damp. Starch is not necessary and is never suggested, but we do recommend Lavender Ironing Water. Make sure the face of your iron is clean before using. Depending upon the fabric, set the temperature gauge to a cotton, linen or silk setting. Never leave the iron face down on the fabric, scorching will result. For delicate embroideries and laces, iron on the reverse side. Ironing retains the shine of beautiful cotton sateen sheeting and the body of pure silk sheeting. Keep in mind that due to the make up of the natural silks, cottons, and linens, they are guaranteed to wrinkle but offer the most luxurious sleep!


For delicate embroideries and special trimmings, a professional hand laundering is recommended.


For top of the bed coverings such as an Italian Matelasse blanket covers and accessories, dry cleaning will prevent shrinking.



  1. Washing: The number of dots inside the tub stands for the water temperature. One dot means cold, two means warm, and three means hot water should be used. One horizontal line underneath the tub indicates permanent press, while two indicates gentle cycle.
  2. Bleaching: An empty triangle lets you go crazy with the bleach. Diagonal lines inside recommend the non-chlorine kind. An X through the triangle stands for no bleach!
  3. Ironing: Dots in the iron denote the temperature of the iron. Keep it cool with one dot; three symbolizes crank up the heat. Little lines radiating from the bottom let you use steam.
  4. Dry-Cleaning: An empty circle signifies dry clean only. A circle with an X through it represents no dry cleaning.
  5. Tumble Drying: The number of dots inside the circle represents the level of heat you may use when drying your linens. One dot represents low heat, while three dots can represent high heat. A black circle indicates no heat.

Following these simple instructions will allow for longevity of your luxury linens!


To lengthen the life of your luxury linens, it is best to have a minimum of (3) three sets of linens to alternate. Be sure your linen closet is well ventilated. In order to avoid yellowing of the fabric, never store in plastic bags. When storing items for long periods of time, wrap between cotton or muslin sheeting.

**As with all your fine linens, always read care instructions provided by the manufacturer to properly care for your fine linens.