Laundry Care Tips For Luxury Linens

Expert Advice from the Linen Sisters at Pioneer Linens

Top 3 Tips for Extending the Life of Luxury Linens

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Take Care of the Linen Fibers

High heat will break down the fibers much faster than cold water. We recommend washing linens in cold water and drying them at a lower temperature or taking them out damp and hanging them to dry.

Choose the Right Cleaning Products and Use Them Properly

You should choose a gentle laundry detergent, and only use a small amount. Using the right amount of detergent makes your sheets come out nice and soft. One of our favorite specialty cleaners for fine linens is Le Blanc Laundry Wash. We have been using this detergent for years because it’s chemical free and very gentle on fine linens and cottons. It also comes in many different fragrances.

It is important to make sure any detergent is completely rinsed out of your linens before putting them in the dryer. A helpful tip to see if all the soap has been rinsed out is to touch the sheets when they have finished washing, and then touch your fingers together to see if they are sticky. If they are, then an extra rinse cycle should do the trick.

Our favorite stain remover for fine linens is Suds. Put a little of this gel on the stain and rub fabric to fabric while rinsing under water and the spot will magically disappear. The reason we recommend this product is because it is a gel rather than a powder which could break down the fabric when it is rubbed. For more about laundry care see this blog post.

Dividing Delicates

When washing your bed linens, you should only wash them with other pieces from your bed ensemble, and towels should only be washed with other towels. The reason for this is to protect your linens from pilling and pulling. It is also important not to over pack your washing machine. You want to make sure there is enough room in the washing machine for the linens to move around and the soap to go throughout the linens to make sure they are clean.

These 3 things should never be used on luxury linens because they will coat the fabric and cause pilling and holes.

  • No Bleach
  • No Fabric Softener
  • No Dryer Sheets

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