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Charmeuse Silk Pillowcase with Classic Piping

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  • Charmeuse Silk Pillowcase with Classic Piping

    Boudoir Pillowcase

    Size: 12" x 16"; Each
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    $ 68.00

  • $ 68.00

  • Charmeuse Silk Pillowcase with Classic Piping

    Standard Pillowcase

    Size: 20" × 26"; Each
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    $ 95.00

  • $ 95.00

  • Charmeuse Silk Pillowcase with Classic Piping

    Queen Pillowcase

    Size: 20" × 30"; Each
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    $ 102.00

  • $ 102.00

  • Charmeuse Silk Pillowcase with Classic Piping

    King Pillowcase

    Size: 20" × 36"; Each
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    $ 110.00

  • $ 110.00


Product Details:

Our luxurious charmeuse silk pillowcase is created from the finest 22 momme mulberry silk. It is exquisitely soft to the touch and naturally hypoallergenic. The classic silk pillowcase is finished with our signature silk piping design. The silk fabric allows your skin and hair to retain their moisture and luster during your sleep. Case made knife-edge and envelope tuck. 

Made with 100% 22 momme mulberry silk.

  • Boudoir:     12" x 16"
  • Standard:    20" × 26"
  • Queen:        20" × 30"
  • King:           20" × 36"

Care: There are three options for washing your silk bedding: hand wash, machine wash, and dry clean.

Silk detergent: Choose a gentle, silk-friendly Silk detergent to remove residues and stains. It’s important to choose a mild detergent as the natural fibers of silk are easily damaged by harsh cleaners. If you do not have any silk detergents available, we recommend using shampoo as an alternative. As they are both natural strands, hair and silk have a similar make-up that allows for shampoo to be an effective substitute for detergent.

If you choose to wash your silk bedding by hand: Mix proper amount of silk detergent with cold water. Allow your silk bedding to soak in the mixture for 3 to 5 minutes if there is a stain. Lift and plunge the silk bedding in and out of the water. This is to mimic the motions of a washing machine without performing harsh scrubbing that would damage the silk. Rinse with clear water until it is clean. Do not twist the fabric. Hang dry your silk bedding.

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