Araba Raffia Vanity Sets

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  • Araba Raffia Vanity Sets

    Pump Dispenser

    Size: 2.25" W x 2.25" L x 7.00" H; (Each)
    More Details SKU: PL-aqeVNNp7yl

    $ 125.00

  • $ 125.00

  • Araba Raffia Vanity Sets

    Vanity Tray

    Size: 7.00" W x 11.00" L x 1.25" H; (Each)
    More Details SKU: PL-ong3kk8JKK

    $ 105.00

  • $ 105.00

  • Araba Raffia Vanity Sets


    Size: 7.50" W x 10.00" L x 12.00" H; (Each)
    More Details SKU: PL-ArVXJJ06bw

    $ 205.00

  • $ 205.00

  • Araba Raffia Vanity Sets

    Tissue Box Cover

    Size: 5.00" W x 5.00" L x 5.50" H; (Each)
    More Details SKU: PL-EDdv0059yb

    $ 180.00

  • $ 180.00


Product Details:

Natural raffia lends a wonderful rustic texture to this bath collection.

  • The raffia fibers are sustainably sourced from indigenous palm trees in the Philippines, where the the tradition of weaving has flourished for over a century. The coloring and texture of this wonderful material is completely natural, making each piece unique.
  • Spot-clean and polish with a soft, lint-free cloth. Paper towels are not recommended as they may scratch some surfaces. Not dishwasher-safe. Pump dispensers that are used infrequently should be flushed with water to prevent soap from drying inside the pump mechanism. Dried soap can result in a clogged pump.
  • Made In Philippines
  • By Labrazel

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