The V-List: Veranda Magazine Editors' 11 Favorite Luxury Bedding Sets for the Coziest Sleep Spaces

So honored to be featured on Veranda Magazine recent editorial by Lauren Wicks on the V-List: 11 Favorite Luxury Bedding Sets for the Coziest Sleep Spaces. Lauren writes, "whether you're in need of a primary bedroom refresh or are simply looking for ways to make your guest rooms more lavish and comforting, investing in a few luxury bedding sets is a simple way to elevate your sleep spaces. Few people know the power of top-quality bedding like Marissa Murphy-Adriaanse, the fourth generation of her family business, Pioneer Linens, which has operated for more than 100 years in West Palm Beach, Florida. Get our editors' picks for the best luxury bedding sets below and Marissa's best tips for luxury linen care that will be equally as important as the sumptuous linens you choose."

Lauren Wicks speaks further regarding laundry care "Murphy-Adriaanse says the most common mistake she sees clients make starts in the laundry room. Her biggest advice is to simplify your laundering regimen, narrowing down the number of products you use—and how much of them you use. Murphy-Adriaanse also notes that clients will be disappointed with the way their high-end linens feel a few months after purchase and that can almost always be attributed to using too much detergent. She says that now washers, dryers, and detergents themselves are all created to be high-efficiency, which means you only need a small amount of liquid or powder to get the job done (her favorite detergents are Le Blanc and The Laundress). It also means that you may be accidentally burning the cotton in your linens."

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