The History of Le Jacquard Francais Tabletop Decor

The History of Le Jacquard Francais Tabletop Decor began in 1861, Benjamin Baer moved to Gerardmer in the east of France, known as the cradle of the textile industry, to work as a fabric manufacturer. Upon his death in 1888, his partner, Nathan Levy, took over the business and gave it his name, creating a new company with his brother Elie Nathan Lévy and Company. 

The first mill destroyed during the Second World War, the Nathan Lévy weaving business was quickly rebuilt and was thus able to produce a complete range of cotton, linen and blended-fibre white linens. In 1968, the ELIS group (Europe Linge Service), owner of large industrial laundries, acquired the manufacturing process and the fleet of 65 latest-generation Jacquard looms.
The famous brand ‘Le Jacquard Français’ was born in 1974.

Le Jacquard Francais uses almost exclusively natural materials and select the finest quality fibres. Our Masters of Linen certified cotton and linen threads are made with the longest fibres, which are rarer and of better quality, allowing for more intense colours. These fin, combed threads give our patterns an incomparable shine and precision. More than 40 colours are developed every year. Each thread colour is tested against light and UV rays to meet our quality standards. The colours and designs of our fabrics remain bright year after year.

Le Jacquard Francais linens, made in the mixing color and pattern for classic yet trendy styling of kitchen and bath linens. Proper care of your Le Jacquard Francais linens will bring years of enjoyment. Le Jacquard Francais products are manufactured in Gerardmer, France, the heart of the Vosges mountains in France.

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