The Heritage of Graccioza Luxury Bath Linens

The Heritage of Graccioza luxury bath linens is a brand owned and produced by the company Sorema, in the market since 1974. From its bases in Portugal, Graccioza offers premium and high end bath linens, designed to provide you with the most sumptuous bath experience.

Now a 3rd generation business, over the years Graccioza has kept growing and extending its range of products, complementing the bath rugs with towels, bathrobes, and bathmats. They focus and priority still to produce luxury bath pieces for the most discerning customers.

Graccioza artisans work aligned with the latest decor trends to create products that combine simplicity, elegance, and excellence. Graccioza collections are crafted with the noblest fibers using the latest manufacturing techniques. Their 45 years of know-how and expertise provide them with the tools to develop innovative collections with unmatched quality for estates and yachts. 

With their bacteria repellent effect of silver, this process inhibits the growth of bacteria and funghi that cause bad smells. As a result, textiles need less laundering, which significantly increases the durability of the towel and reduces the use of water, energy and detergent. Available in only 4 collections Egoist, Alhambra, Milano and Portobello

Egoist Beach Towel

Graccioza products are produced following all OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 norms, that ensures textile products with no risk for the health. Graccioza is recognized as one of the world's finest bath linen in the luxury market. Offering premium products achieved a unique level of reputation globally.

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