SFERRA's Giza 45 Bed Linens Collection

The Giza 45 Collection is a uniquely unparalleled line of bed linens. Italian-made from a special genus of Egyptian cotton, this one of a kind collection is unmatched in quality and performance.

The premium cotton that is used to make Sferra's Giza 45 bed linens has long been used in men's shirting fabric, but was first discovered for its potential in luxury bed linens in 2008. This line of linens quickly became an enduring bestseller, and with good reason. The unique capabilities of the rare cotton make linens that are equally luxurious in aesthetics and performance.

The Giza 45 Egyptian cotton is a rare cultivation, representing only half of one percent of all Egyptian cotton exported. It has the longest and finest staple fiber of them all, which is absolutely crucial in weaving the sleekest and supple linens. The thin cotton staple fibers can be spun into exceptionally fine yarns. And the finer the yarn, the finer (and softer, more luminous) the cloth that can be made from it. The other stunning characteristic of Giza 45 cotton is its superior strength and durability. Although they are extraordinarily thin, the fibers possess an incredible hardiness that stands up to the test of time (with a breaking resistance of 44.3 g/tex). The varied characteristics of this unique cotton make for a sleek cloth that has a beautifully supple drape, yet also maintains practicality.

The SFERRA Giza 45 Collection is a select range of bed linens made from the rarest and prized cultivar of Egyptian cotton, woven with care and expertise in Italy, and thus endowed with an especially sleek hand and exquisite drape. If you are looking for bed linens with the highest quality, greatest durability, and richest hand in the luxury linens market, then the Giza 45 collection is your answer. There is simply nothing else like it.

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