Take a breath of fresh air this new year by helping to create a renewed world through recycling. Whether you are a dedicated recycler or looking to find more ways to go green, make it your new years’ resolution to find a streamlined way to help create a better environment.

Incorporating recycling into one’s daily life shouldn’t be inconvenient. Whitney Ferrell, the founder of Re.Bin, set out to combat the lack of functional recycling bins by creating a modern and eco-friendly alternative. Her story starts as an environmental lawyer whose inspiration was sparked during her time living in Portland. In Oregon, taking care of the environment is the lifestyle norm, there are recycling bins practically everywhere you go. Flash forward to Whitney’s move to New York, she realized the need for an easier way to recycle.

These new revelations brought forth her creation of Re.Bin. Even if it is hard to find a recycling bin during your daily routine, having an easy and beautiful way to recycle in your own home or office is a great place to start. The Re.Bin design is not only aesthetically pleasing and made of 100% recycled plastic, it also embraces functionality. A paper grocery bag fits perfectly into her stylish recycling bin, making it simple to do one’s part for the planet. This new year, make the decision to make a difference.

“We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.”