Host with the Most: Holiday Entertaining Essentials

As the season of entertaining comes upon us, having the right tools makes the difference between stress and success.  A few key entertaining essentials make all the difference, making you a stellar hostess of any gathering. Here are our favorite selections of go to items for holidays and celebrations of all sizes.


Trays are the foundation of beautiful food and drink service at home.  Indoor or outside, trays create an inviting foundation for beverages, snacks, or even buffet plates and silverware.  They set a decorative mood, telling your guests if they should be ready for a casual sun downer or a formal affair.

Le Jacquard Francais - Symphonie Baroque Tray 23" x 16"

The Symphonie tray from Le Jaquard Francais is ideal for holiday celebrations, but easily works all year round.  Inspired by historic baroque French prints, its modern shape makes it a contemporary classic.

rose wine tray and acrylic red glasses
Holidays don't just happen in cold weather climates, so the Island tray from Amanda Lindroth is the perfect way to entertain outdoors during the holiday season.  The festive red acrylic goblets and red and white napkins are a nod to fall holiday colors, with a resort twist.



Cocktail napkins are a host's secret weapon of whimsy.  Since they are small and are usually spread apart when entertaining, they can be pithy and carry a message to each guest without being overwhelming or kitschy.   Have fun with them with custom embroideries in a family crest, dense luxurious patterns. or unexpected sayings to make guests giggle.