Explore Kim Seybert Favorite Table Decor For A Chic Summer

Explore tabletop designer Kim Seybert favorite table decor for a chic summer. Kim Seybert knows how to make collections perfect for dressing the table a total breeze. The table will always be ready for entertaining with just three essential table decor pieces the napkin rings, napkins and placemats.


 Napkin rings are the finishing touch of a table-setting just like a jewelry statement piece. Every well-dressed table has a conversation piece. Kim Seybert makes napkins rings for all occasions from crystal, wood beaded, metal and more. However, for a chic summer be sure to shop Kim Seybert's bird napkin ring collections.  


The linen napkin is the mid-layer of a table-setting. Choose a napkin either with bold hue tones or neutral colors depending on the china being used for the meal. Allow the napkin to be the accent piece to the table-setting. Kim Seybert is known for her printed and woven embroidered dinner napkins, ideal for so many different occasions. Kim Seybert must-have Dip Dye napkins come in over a dozen different ombre tones, adding exuberance to the tablescape. 

The base piece to all table-settings is the placemat. Kim Seybert creative placemat designs encompass either a casual or formal tablescape. From embossed croc placemats, lacquer varnish placemats and wood beaded placemats, the options for setting the foundation of the tablescape are endless. Wood round placemats are the seasonal table decor for a chic summer.



Kim Seybert really understands the art to dressing tables. Her sense of colors, shapes and textures in every table decor piece adds a unique style for any meal. Now is the time to stock up on your favorite napkin rings, napkins, and placemats for a chic summer.