Design WIth Celso De Lemos Haute Couture Home Linens

Design with Celso De Lemos haute couture home linens woven by the talented artisans from the green heart of Portugal, for 40 years. Traveling around the world Celso De Lemos selection is made of the most exquisite cotton, silk, and linen. Celso de Lemos continues on an endless quest of possibilities and perfection. Merging the knowledge of the past with the latest new techniques, creating the best thread allowing the thread to connect the past with the future for bed linens, bed covers/coverlets, throws and blankets.  

Every textile Celso De Lemos manufacture meets Oeko-Tex Standard 100;
a guarantee to the consumer that they are acquiring a responsibly produced and safe product and devoted to sustainable practices. The Oeko-Tex label shows their commitment to investing in ecology by using biological water treatment and biodegradable products. Moreover, the production process endeavors to exemplify respect for our environment.

As an ode to the cotton flower, our exclusive home linens are made with the finest extra-long staple (ELS) Egyptian cotton from GIZA. The fibers are long and thin, but also strong and approach perfection. This results in linens with a smooth, silky touch and look. The length of the fiber is directly proportional to its resilience and quality. The yarn made from the exceptional Extra Long Staple Cotton (ELS) shows exceptional strength, quality and softness. As a result, Celso de Lemos linens exhibit unparalleled quality, softness, and strength. Offering each client a five-star sleep

Celso De Lemos offers “sur mesure” linens to fulfill the unique vision of an individual. Their customization includes the application of monograms, family crest, estate or yacht emblems, and embroidery. Celso de Lemos is an exclusive brand that produces unique pieces for unique customers. Thanks to the fact they do their own production, and guarantee fantastic flexibility to fulfill customers wishes. The brand is at the top for exclusive residential projects as well as dressing up yachts and planes.

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