Blanket Covers, Quilts and Coverlets: Explained.

Blanket Covers, Quilts & Coverlets: Explained.

Customers often walk into Pioneer Linens unsure of the correct terminology for... "The thing that you put on top of your bed, that's not a duvet."

As long as you can describe what you are looking for in terms of style, texture and weight, the semantics aren't really that important. However, for those of you with an appetite for bedding knowledge, here's a quick crash course on the basics:

Blanket covers and coverlets are two terms for the same thing. They both add a tailored, finished look to your bed. They lay either on top of a blanket, or directly on the flat sheet. They range in weight and style. Our most lightweight and popular coverlet is Matouk's Diamond Pique. It's ultra-lightweight, and adds a pretty, polished look to a bed. 


Some people prefer a heavier weight coverlet, or one with a sateen sheen or matelasse design (textured pattern) to add an elegant look, like Sferra's Bari Coverlet.

Quilts are type of coverlet that has - you guessed it - quilting. Amanda Lindroth's Batik Quilt is one of our favorites, if you want a cottage or bohemian look. 

So, in short, "coverlet" is the term which covers all of the covers for the top of the bed.

Hope this helps!

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