Yves Delorme USA is recognizing the history and celebration of Bastille Day dating back 1845 when the company was founded by Ernestine Fremaux and her husband who developed a linen weaving mill near Lille, in the heart of the French textile industry. 

Freedom is often taking for granted, but the nation of France never forgets what started their freedom story. The storming of the Bastille was the first step in the freedom story that eventually led to the country of France being completely free from the French Monarchy. Shortly after the country gained its independence a small linen weaving mill called the Fremaux factories was founded by Ernestine Fremaux and her husband. In the beginning, the company was mainly focused on cotton weaving. The factory faced many difficulties with factory fires and having to rebuild. Eventually, the factories were rebuilt and the operation was fully functional.  In the roaring 20's the company started manufacturing cotton and linen threads for sheets and other fabrics. Starting in the 1930's the factory was at full capacity in terms of production. The company began to grow and grow and eventually in the 1980's the company met Mr. Yves Delorme, a talented stylist for home décor. Mr. Yves Delorme specialized in the domain of bath linens. The Fremaux company and Mr. Yves Delorme decided to merge together and the company Yves Delorme was born. In the 1990's the company had opened its first retail locations in the United States and France. Today, the company Yves Delorme is known for its luxurious bed linens, bathroom accessories, table decor, and accent pieces. Each year we are honored to celebrate Bastille Day with The Yves Delorme Company.  

One factor that makes Yves Delorme special to a consumer is their ability to create a collection with a complete look of styled design for each room in a home. One of our favorite collections this season is the Neptune Collection. The Neptune Bedding, Neptune Towels, and Neptune Robe all coordinate together for one complete collection.  

While recognizing the history and celebration of Bastille Day featuring Yves Delorme USA, we truly are here to celebrate Yves Delorme's Annual Bastille Day Sale by saving 20% off all Yves Delorme Collections until July 14th, 2018.

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