Add The Finishing Touches With Embroidered Towels

Add the finishing touches with a set of embroidered bath towels for your bathroom from Pioneer Linens. Finding the perfect embroidered towel can be challenging at times but there are three simple rules to help guide you in finding the perfect embroidered towel. 

The first step in narrowing in the type of embroidery you want for an accent towel in your bathroom is to know the colors you need to coordinate with the other decor in the bathroom. Bring into our store the bathroom wallpaper, photos of the bathroom or any items in the bathroom to use as thread color match so this way you match the correct thread colors with the decor in the bathroom. Below is an image of a client's wallpaper and the custom monogram motif designed to coordinate with the client's wallpaper. 

custom monkey embroidery on guest towel

The second rule in shopping for an embroidered towel is to understand what type of towel you prefer. Do you like a low pile towel, heavy towel, a plush or lightweight towel. In our industry it's most common to purchase a terry bath towel with approximately a 650 - 700 gram weight. The heavier the gram weight the heavier the towel. 

Lastly, know how to care for the embroidered bath towels. When laundering the towels be sure to wash the towels with only the same type of towels. Do not mix other articles of clothing or other towels that are not the same color way in the washing machine with your custom embroidered towels. Wash the towels in color water, with mild detergent on gentle or normal wash cycle. Be sure to not use fabric softener or bleach. Suds is the best stain remover for removing stains if you need to spot your towels. Once the washing is complete touch your towels to make sure all of the laundry detergent is out of the bath towels. Put your towels in the dryer on medium heat but not for too long. If you over dry an embroidered towel the embroidery with tighten up and crease. Also, when drying the towels do not use dry sheets. Dryer sheets are an added chemical so you don't want to add a chemical to a the natural cotton fibers.

We look forward in assisting you in purchasing some embroidered bath towels to finish the look of your bathroom.