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Nymphe Counterpane

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A combination of a palm tree and stylized bird wing lends delightful sparkles of light to this Nymphe jacquard. Patterns unfurl expansively, spotlighting highly-decorative nature. This woven cotton and linen model is a prime example of up-to-the-minute textural mixes. The pureness of white, the natural shine of thread, silkiness and softness reign supreme, an invitation to indulge in timeless luxury.

50% cotton, 50% linen, embroidered, finish with 3 inch white linen border
Available in 1 color: Blanc (White)
Size: 79" x 59"
Machine Washable; Tumble Dry Low
Made In France
By Yves Delorme
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    Nymphe Counterpane


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  • $ 850.00 $ 680.00