Brahms Mount

Linen/Cotton Day Blankets

Stripes of all types. There?s nothing plain about these plain-weave cotton and linen throws. Drawing on almost every color in our palette, we use cotton to create an addictively soft, substantial ground and linen fill yarns to add durability and a sense of casual elegance. An instant pick-me-up wherever you toss it. Sensational against the skin.?

  • 50% Linen / 50% Cotton
  • Natural Selvedge Edge Double Hand Turned Hem
  • Machine-washable and colorfast.
  • Made in the USA
  • By Brahms Mount


  • Blue Heron:?Asymmetrical stripes with a double center band of indigo
  • Canyon:?Asymmetrical stripes in blaze, suede, melon, almond and ecru cotton with pearl linen
  • Hampton:?Asymmetrical stripes of neutral, stone, slate and oyster cotton with pearl linen
  • Pemaquid:Asymmetrical stripes of off-whites with slate linen fill
  • Sequoia:?Bold stripes and indigo linen fill
  • Truffle:?Alternating bold and asymmetrical stripes of earth tones with chocolate linen fill
  • Zephyr:?Asymmetrical stripes of island blue, oyster and white with pearl linen fill
  • Ocean:?Bold ocean blue bands with white cotton and pearl linen fill

  • Blue Heron
  • Canyon
  • Dockside
  • Hampton
  • Naples
  • Ocean
  • Pemaquid
  • Zephyr

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  • Linen/Cotton Day Blanket / 48 X 80

    Brahms Mount - Linen/Cotton Day Blankets

    Linen/Cotton Day Blanket

    Size: 48 X 80"
    SKU: linen-cotton-day-blankets-linen-cotton-day-blanket

    $ 254.00

  • $ 254.00