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Ice Organzers Vanity Set

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  • Ice Organzers Vanity Set

    White Brush Organizer

    Size: 6"L X 4"W X 4'H
    More Details SKU: ice-organizer-brush

    $ 250.00

  • $ 250.00

  • Ice Organzers Vanity Set

    White Vanity Organizer

    Size: 9"L X 4"W X 4"H
    More Details SKU: ice-organizer-vanity

    $ 337.50

  • $ 337.50

  • Ice Organzers Vanity Set

    White Trinket Organizer

    Size: 8"L X 4"W X 2"H
    More Details SKU: ice-organizer-trinket

    $ 287.50

  • $ 287.50


Product Details:

Organize in style.  These handsome vanity top organizers are made from chunky white Lucite.  A clean and fresh aesthetic that rescues the chaos of your vanity table.

Ships in 1-2 weeks 

Other Color Options Available. Call Janice at 800.207.5463 for full list of color options.