Ecclissi Bed Linens

Ecclissi translates to “eclipse,” our inspiration for the bedding’s exquisite design. Its inner pattern—a sea of spring roses and peonies at their most vivid—is purposely obscured by a separate sheer layer of diamond-patterned fl coupé jacquard organza. Edged with delicate grosgrain ribbon, the effect is muted, soft, and utterly ethereal, like a secret garden. And, reveals a perfect versatility, since the top overlay may be used as a semi-transparent sheath for any bed linen. 

Country of Origin: Italy Fiber: Overlay: 68% Cotton / 24% Polyester / 8% Silk Underlay: 100% Extra-long-staple Cotton Fabrication: Overlay: Jacquard Underlay: Sateen, printed in Italy Color: Fiore Finishing: Overlay: Finished with a grosgrain ribbon mini-flanges Underlay: Knife-edge Hem: Plain on overlay; knife-edge underlay LIMITED EDITION ECCLISSI IS A CUSTOM ORDER. PLEASE ALLOW 6-8 WEEKS FOR DELIVERY
Machine wash warm water on gentle cycle. Do not use bleach 

Percale with satin-stitch embroidery 
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  • King Duvet Cover / 106x92

    Ecclissi Bed Linens

    King Duvet Cover

    Size: 106x92"
    SKU: Ecclissi-bed-linens-king-duvet-cover

    $ 3,395.00

  • $ 3,395.00

  • Full/Queen Duvet Cover / 88x92

    Ecclissi Bed Linens

    Full/Queen Duvet Cover

    Size: 88x92"
    SKU: Ecclissi-bed-linens-full-queen-duvet-cover

    $ 2,995.00

  • $ 2,995.00

  • King Sham / 21x36

    Ecclissi Bed Linens

    King Sham

    Size: 21x36"
    SKU: Ecclissi-bed-linens-king-sham

    $ 415.00

  • $ 415.00

  • Standard Sham / 21x26

    Ecclissi Bed Linens

    Standard Sham

    Size: 21x26
    SKU: Ecclissi-bed-linens-standard-sham

    $ 395.00

  • $ 395.00

  • Euro Sham / 26x26

    Ecclissi Bed Linens

    Euro Sham

    Size: 26x26"
    SKU: Ecclissi-bed-linens-euro-sham

    $ 415.00

  • $ 415.00

  • Boudoir Sham / 12x16

    Ecclissi Bed Linens

    Boudoir Sham

    Size: 12x16"
    SKU: Ecclissi-bed-linens-boudoir-sham

    $ 225.00

  • $ 225.00