Yves Delorme

Continental Comforter

Yves Delorme uses top grade white European goose down to provide loft for insulation and lightness for freedom and comfort.  Encased in the finest quality batiste, these comforters combine modern technology and beautiful craftsmanship.  Heavier weights (Continental) have baffle box construction that keeps the down in place and allows for maximum loft; lighter comforters (Caribbean Light, Mediterranean Light & All Season) have box stitching, the preferred design for summer and ultra-light products.

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  • Continental Comforter

    Comforter 48 Oz

    Size: 110 X 92
    SKU: continental-48-oz

    $ 1,000.00

  • $ 1,000.00

  • Continental Comforter

    Comforter 44 Oz

    Size: 92 X 92
    SKU: continental-44-oz

    $ 900.00

  • $ 900.00