Cachet Napkin Rings

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Gleaming like polished, precious metal, Cachet lends a regal air to the finest table linens. Its intricate, interlaced design, like Old-World metalwork, evokes a family crest, making it a focal point for your table, and an artifact to be passed on for generations. Every holiday celebrates through light, whether shining atop a tree or in the warm glow of candles. Our Seaver napkins bring that tradition to the table with a kind of starlight: delicately embroidered on our snow-white linen, a cluster of metallic stars glitter faintly, reflecting the glimmer of myriad decorations and the glamour of the season.

  • Country of Origin: China
  • Finish: Nickel
  • Fabrication: Nickel electroplated zinc alloy
  • Size: Length 2 5/8" Width 1 3/4" Height 1 5/8"
  • Set: Sold as a Boxed set of 4
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    • Dinner Napkin Rings / Set Of 4

      Cachet Napkin Rings

      Dinner Napkin Rings

      Size: Set Of 4
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    • $ 125.00 $ 100.00