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Ambra Duvet Cover - Queen Duvet Cover

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The vine-like tendrils that dance across this silky jacquard bring to mind classic Japanese art: delicate brush strokes against finely textured rice paper that create an elusively beautiful pattern. With the smoothness and subtle luster that a sateen jacquard is known for, Ambra is as luxuriantly calming to the senses as to the skin. A pure, exclusive indulgence. Fiber: 75% 75% Extra-Long-stapleCotton / 25% Silk Yarn-Dyed Sateen Jacquard Color: White /Sable Finishing: Shortened-Flanges, approx. Measurements: Duvet Cover: 2-3", Shams: 2", Hem: Hemstitch. Machine Wash Warm. Do Not Use Bleach or Fabric Softener, Tumble Dry Low Heat. Made in Italy By Sferra

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