SFERRA Giza 45 Egyptian cotton

A night in heaven is never far away when your bed is adorned with the spell-binding and luxurious comfort of SFERRA Giza 45 Egyptian Cotton. There is simply no comparison to any other fabric. The highest quality cotton, craftsmanship, and feel can only be found in this pure indulgence.


Giza, Egypt is not only famous for The Great Sphinx and The Great Pyramid. Giza lies within the portion of Egypt that produces the FINEST Egyptian cotton. The Nile Delta weaves into the countryside in a way that causes the soil to be enriched and fertile farm land. In turn, the staple fiber of cotton is extra-long in length. Giza 45 Egyptian cotton is a specific genus of Egyptian Cotton that is hand selected for it’s extra length. This key characteristic allows for the fiber to be spun into small-diameter yarns.


Under the right craftsman, the cotton fibers from Egypt can truly be woven into a masterpiece. Italy’s history is entrenched with generations of luxury linen weavers, so the Italians have perfected the weaving and finishing cotton. SFERRA’s most trusted Italian weaver has engineered a top-class method of weaving the finest Giza 45 yarns ever woven. Their work is unparalleled, a perfect match for the incomparable quality of Giza 45 Egyptian cotton. A perfect picture of their work is in their Giza 45 Egyptian Cotton Stripe Bed Linen collection.



Egyptian bred, Italian made, SFERRA distributed. These three elements ensure the highest quality linens of luxury. The extra-lavish weight, ultra smooth qualities, and classic luminosity are apparent upon touch. The fiber is also exceptionally strong, creating a durable and long lasting linen. Creating Giza 45 Egyptian cotton is truly an art form. Additionally, the production of Giza 45 requires less of a need for treatment and refinement. This is because the fibers are hand picked from a small selection. Since there is less processing, a purer linen is produced. The feel  of Giza 45 Egyptian cotton is unmatched.